International convention center Patna

International Convention Center is going to be the Global Face of modern Patna

International convention center is going to be the Global Face of modern Patna.

International convention center Patna a large and magnificent, state-of-the-art convention center will be the most significant landmark of modern Patna.

The foundation stone of the centre was laid by Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar on February 8, 2014 and the work is still under progress.

The convention centre would be developed across 70,000 Sqm to the north of historical Gandhi Maidan adjacent to river Ganga, with an estimated cost of Rs 490 crore.

The main convention hall would have a seating capacity for 5,000 people.

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5 thoughts on “International Convention Center is going to be the Global Face of modern Patna”

  1. these magnificent buildings are not built for any convention. They are built for convenience to fleece tax payers money easily.

    Why a poor state like Bihar needs 490 Crores convention center? The entire world knows that we don’t have intellectual, educated people in enough numbers who can use this upcoming facility.

    If this money could have been used in setting some industry in state, that would have generated some jobs. This is what Bihar needs.

    1. There is AIIMS express way and Ganga Drive … Should govt stop those work also and different parks where govt spending cr’s .. Don’t criticize on everything …

  2. Bhakt comes everywhere to criticise the opponent every’s act not matter that good or bad. But they have no answer about modi’s crore rupees suite.

  3. Modi has not used tax payers money have his suit, it was gift by a business man of Gujarat.

    Almost all the construction project in Bihar is running only with one motive to make money. Non of the fly over are designed with a projEcton of population growth of next 20 years. They are already crowded & jam packed.

    Once should need to see the flyover in Bangalore & Delhi before making any comment on under constructed fly overs in Bihar.

  4. Convention Hall(B+G+3) Main Hall with 5000 seating capacity, GYAN BHAWAN, Multipurpose Hall, Plenary Hall, Modular Meeting Rooms with Basement Parking, Sabhyta Park With Sabhyata Dwar & food plaza. The Scope of work includes Civil, Plumbing, Sanitary, Electrical (LT & HT), HVAC, Fire detection, fire alarm, CCTV, BMS, landscaping, Site development and Sewerage work etc. Area-70,000 Sqm

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