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Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park|Patna Zoo : ‘Lungs of Patna’

Patna Zoo

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park
Bailey Road, Raj Bhavan, Rajbansi Nagar,
Patna, Bihar 800001
Email : patnazoo@yahoo.com
Phone : +91-612-2217455


Time Table of Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

March to October – 5.00 AM to 6.00 PM
November to February – 6.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Monday Closed

Which day Patna zoo closed?
Zoo remains closed on every Monday.

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park or Patna Zoo is a must-see attraction for the visitors who get very delightful experience of luxuriant flora & Fauna of the jungle.

Spreading over 153 acres of land area the park is classified as one of the 16 largest Zoos in the country.

Established first as a Botanical Garden in the year 1969, the park has been developed as a Biological Garden only since 1973.

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park is home to more than 800 animals representing over 70 species including Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Hippo, Crocodile, Himalayan Bear, Lion-tailed Macaque, Leopard Cat, Hog Deer, Zebra, Emu and White Peacock including some endangered ones.

An aquarium and snake house is another attraction of the park. The aquarium has about 35 species of fish. The snake house has 32 snakes representing 5 species.

The flora consists of more than 300 species of trees, herbs and shrubs in the Botanical part of the park.

Patna Zoo is among one of the most distinguished zoos in the world which is widely acclaimed for its successful breeding programme of endangered species/animals particularly the one-horned Rhinos.

The success story of rhino-breeding put the Patna zoo on global map for rhino breeding. Today, Patna zoo has the second largest rhino population among all the biological parks in the world, next only to San Diego zoo, California.

The annual number of its visitor makes up approximately 750000.
Zoo is a venue for both fun and learning and is quite popular among the children.

A toy train encircling all around the zoo is very popular especially among children.

Taking a boat ride in the beautiful lake in the park is also an excellent recreation and fun.

SGB Park is also a popular rendezvous with walkers, joggers and picnickers and remains the first choice for New Year revellers.

Ticket Prices for Patna Zoo

Single Ticket Child Rs. 10.00
Single Ticket Adult Rs. 30.00
Group Ticket (For Minimum 25 Students.) Student Rs. 5.00